Mass Save HEAT


You can save money, reduce your primary residence’s energy costs and enhance the value of your home with a Mass Save HEAT Loan we are now offering at 0% interest. Mass Save is a consortium of regional energy utilities and providers.  Visit the Mass Save website for more details on the program –  Here’s how to start:
First contact Mass Save at 866-527-7283 to schedule a Home Energy AssessmenT with an authorized Mass Save vendor, who will assess your current home energy use and needs, and provide you with a custom list of recommended ways to improve energy efficiency, and other details about the HEAT loan.

Then contact CTFCU 617-492-3212 for pre-approval.  You can decide which energy efficiency improvements you will make, such as:
• attic, wall, or basement insulation
• high efficiency heating system
• high efficiency domestic hot water system
• solar hot water systems
• Energy Star windows
• Energy Star thermostats.  

• Loans from $500 to $15,000.
• Terms up to 84 months with no prepayment penalty
• Members pay no inters (0% APR*)

• Reduced home energy costs
• Lower fuel consumption
• Environmentally friendly

HEAT Loan Amount     Term                     APR*     Cost per $1,000 Borrowed
$500. - $2,000.           Up to 24 months     0.0%      $41.67
$2,001.- $15,000.       Up to 84 months     0.0%      $11.91

*APR – Annual Percentage Rate.  For example, a loan of $15,000  with a term of 84 months at APR 0.0% has an approximate monthly payment of $178.58.  A $2,000 loan with a term of 24 months has an approximate monthly payment of $83.34.  These loans may be unsecured or secured by primary residence.

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