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                                               WHAT IS A CREDIT UNION?

  A Credit Unions is a not-for-profit financial cooperatives that exist to serve its members rather than to maximize corporate profits.                               

                                        MEMBERS OWN THE CREDIT UNION                                        
We offer most of the same financial services and products as a bank but the BIG difference isin structure and philosophy because members are not just  customers, they are part owners; they are the shareholders.  This is why your account is called a “share”.                   

                                     WE OPERATE  DEMOCRATICALLY                                                                                 
The Board of Directors, volunteers from the membership, are elected by the membership. Each credit union member, no matter how much they have Invested in the credit union gets one ballot and an equal vote in how the credit union is operated.  

                                   WE ARE A NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION

We make decisions based on member/shareholder needs not stockholder profits. All our profits are returned to the membership in the form of higher savings interest rates, lower loan and credit card interest rates, lower fees, and better more personalized service.


Cambridge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union has remained a strong, secure, and highly rated financial institution, since 1939 when it was founded by school employees. Our Credit Union is a non-profit organization, owned, and operated by its members, who elect a Board of Directors annually. Membership is the heart of the Credit Union.

As a member of Cambridge Teachers Federal Credit Union, you have a say in how you receive financial services. For over 80 years, we have continued to offer our members highly competitive rates on a variety of savings and loans products driven by member needs first. We are committed to providing our customers with great personalized services, the most up-to-date online, mobile and ATM banking experiences, and, as always, lower fees and better rates. Historically, the Credit Union's Dividend Rates are above current market rates for similar products. In addition, our Loan Rates are normally below market rates for similar products.

Spread the word to your co-workers and family about the great advantages of belonging to our credit union, so that they can become part of the CTFCU family and benefit from our great services!  With our Member Referral Reward Program you can both earn a $25 deposit when a family member or colleague you referred joins the Credit Union!

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