Membership Rewards

You get rewarded when you make CTFCU your primary financial institution. Our Rewards program – Relationship Pricing – gives you special pricing on loan and deposit products, as well as free services. Rewards are based on the number of services, with a minimum of, at least three, along with total balances. Services are: checking, regular savings, certificates, IRA, vehicle loan, VISA card, and real estate loans.

Membership Rewards
  Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Checking Free Free Free

CD Rate Increase

.0% .0% .0%
Free Checks Select Checks  Select Checks Any Style
Third Party Checks Free Free Free
Reduced HELOC Fee N/A 50% Off Free
VISA Annual Fee None None None


Email Signup

We are striving to provide more environmentally friendly services, including how we communicate with our members.  Please join our email list to receive important news and updates about CTFCU services regarding your accounts. Be assured that our privacy policies prohibit the sharing or selling of your email address. You only have to sign up once.