The CTFCU VISA Credit Card

CTFCU offers a very competitive Visa card to assist you in your credit needs. The Visa card is an unsecured line of credit. Upon approval a credit card and pin will be issued. We offer a great balance transfer program at an even lower rate.

  • Annual Percentage Rate is 11.25%
  • Grace period for repayment of balance is 25 days for purchases and immediately for cash advances
  • Annual Fee is $10 per year.  There is no fee for CTFCU Rewards members.
  • Method of computing balance is average daily balance including new purchases
  • Online purcheses are protected through Verified By VISA.
  • Payment amount is 2% of the balance or $25 whichever is greater.
  • Late payment fee is $20

Lost or Stolen VISA Credit Card: 1-800-843-5463

VISA Credit Card Manager

Check your VISA card balance, payments and activity at any time through eZCardinfo by clicking on the VISA Card Balances button below.

VISA Card Access Link

EMV Chip Cards Being Issued to CTFCU Visa Cardholders

CTFCU Visa credit cardholders are on the way to greater protection against credit card fraud with new EMV “Chip” cards being issued.  The transition to EMV “Chip” credit cards is now in progress for all VISA Credit cardholders at CTFCU.  New Chip Visa cards are being issued to CTFCU cardholders upon expiration of their current Visa card.

Europay, MasterCard and Visa developed this technology, hence the name “EMV”.  For consumers this advancement means simply activating a new chip card upon receiving it and learning the slight payment process change when making a purchase.   Instead of swiping the magnetic strip, the chip card is inserted into a reader that reads the small metallic computer chip square on the front of the card. This process takes a few seconds and the card remains in the reader until the reading is complete.  Cardholder signature is required, as usual.  Merchants and financial institutions must add new in-store technology and processing systems in order to comply with the new chip card enhanced fraud liability rules.  If a retailer does not have the Chip technology, then the magnetic strip on the card is simply swiped.

Chip cards work so that instead of using the magnetic strip on the back of the card, which is what is copied and replicated for fraudulent use, the computer chip on the card is encrypted, so that each purchase creates a unique transaction code which cannot be replicated.

Chip cards may also be called:

  • Smart card
  • Chip card
  • Smart-chip card
  • Chip-enabled smart card
  • Chip-and-choice card (PIN or signature)
  • EMV smart card

The US is the last to transition to the Chip card, as most other countries have been using them since the 1990’s.  Overseas merchants’ responses to magnetic strip cards versus a chip card vary; some accepting them for payments and others not.  The US expects the complete transition to Chip cards for credit and debit cardholders to take several more years.

Give us a call if you have any questions about the Chip card.

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